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The Story:
Decollage of Graffiti on the Berlin Wall from 1989 so far

Bernauer Strasse, Mauerpark.

Still in existence here is an approximately 220 metre long segment of the Berlin Wall.
Since 1989 people from all over the world have immortalised themselves in the shape of countless pieces of graffiti.

In the last twelve years the wall's face has constantly changed, layer upon layer.
Old works of graffiti are eclipsed by fresh images.
The colours weigh heavy and as the wall tells its story, parts of itself come away.

While on a walk I found these coloured segments at my feet.

Spontaneously I had the idea to artistically process my find and transform it into another art form.
Thus I collected and 'decollaged' what the wall had left me.

In my Berlin atelier I started working with the segments on two different series.

1. Segments arranged in mosaic style:

Partially reduced to small pieces until nearly pulverised, distinguishing themselves through unbridled wealth of colour.

2. Unprocessed segments behind Plexiglas:

This view behind glass manages to create a distance between these segments and their original meaning.
The chipped and cracked layers of the decollaging process, with the many recognisable layers of colour, lend them selves a great presence.

My work is nonetheless a reminiscence of all the numerous graffiti artists from all over the world.
The works are to be presented as a touring exhibition in Berlin as well as in galleries in the four main cities
of the former occupying forces in Germany London / Moscow / Paris / New York.

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